Terrarium TV; a walk through the latest features

Personally, Terrarium Tv is my favorite movie streaming application until now. For people who are still not aware of the streaming services: Terrarium TV is an application that enables you to stream an unlimited content on your Android devices, varying from hit movies, old classic tv series, random videos or just a few episodes of not so popular shows.

A major advantage of Terrarium Tv is that it provides you endless content on your smart devices. So whether you’re traveling to another city or just rolling between the sheets, Terrarium has loads of stuff to keep you entertained for the entire day. In fact, another major perk for movie freaks is, Terrarium tv updates the version every now and then which of course saves them from bugs and hiccups caused by the application itself.

Now when we know so much about Terrarium Tv, it’s important to keep a little bit information regarding its working procedure and latest added features and notabilities. Therefore, today we’re going to walk through the application, its newly added content, and latest features.

terrarium tv

A walk through the application


  • Updated version: As we have talked about its updated version, Terrarium Tv has been recently updated by the developers. The recent version is 1.5.0. It provides you all the basic features, High definition video links, and great downloading speed.
  • Homepage: Undoubtedly, Terrarium Tv has one of the most amazing appearances till date. No other application gives such beautiful gothic look on their first page. You can find all the basic options available on the home page itself.
  • Specifications: Moving on towards specifications, Terrarium Tv has added all the features necessary for a novice to understand the application. Let’s list them down together:-
  • Quick menu – It contains information regarding movies, tv shows, settings, and favorites. It is available on the first page of the app (the three horizontal lines present on the extreme left corner of the screen)

Trending – Trending yet another option available right next to the quick menu. It has divided the content into various categories/genres for easy navigation, for example, when you open trading it gives you options like Recently updated, new shows, premieres, Airing today, most popular, most played, most watched, top rated, action & adventure, drama, romantic, mystery, comedy, etc.

terrarium tv app

  • Search option – So rather than scrolling down the whole content list one video, you can just enter the name of the movie or video and download or stream it.
  • Star mark – Star mark correlated to favorites. If you love to follow a particular series or watch few movies, again and again, just star mark them as our favorite and open them without any extra efforts.
  • Settings: This option contains Terrariums official website, facebook page, Reddit, few translators, and about the application that you’re using.
  • Reliable links: Terrarium Tv has an interesting list of video providers. So officially it does not host or upload any videos, films or media files. It simply provides aggregates links in an user-friendly and convenient manner.
  • ChromeCast: ChromeCast provides you an option to cast your movies or series on the television screen through the ChromeCast facility. There is no need for bluetooth or USB wire connection.
  • Links: The biggest perk of downloading Terrarium Tv is that you get reliable and HD video links to download. Websites like SezonlukDizi, Dizimag, TheVideo, ZStream, etc provide you links of different resolutions.

We have given an overall information about Terrarium Tv and its features. Last but not the least, it is essential for you to know that Terrarium Tv is a legal streaming service but it’s not responsible for any legality, accuracy, copyright, decency, or any other aspect of content.