All About Latest ShowBox 4.82 apk

So the latest ShowBox apk is finally out. We’ve been waiting for a while to hear these words, and now they’re true! The last update we received effectively destroyed a lot of users’ trust in the app, as rogue apks made their way on the internet to unsuspecting people’s phones, gave themselves administration privileges and used them to bombard our screens with ads. This latest app seems to be ShowBox’s attempt to woo back its audience. There have been some major changes in the app’s interface, and one hopes the features are going to make things easier too.

Showbox latest apk version

The New ShowBox APK Interface

There used to be a lot of buttons on ShowBox’s pages for each movie it had. Those have been collapsed into one single menu available right next to the resolutions. So if you want to switch servers or video players, toggle subtitles or choose their language, you can access it from the three dots next to the resolutions.

There are also rumored to be fewer ads. This should be a relief from the days of the rogue apk files that bombarded devices with ads and made things miserable even if you weren’t using the app that moment.

Movies, TV shows and content:

There seems to be a more enthusiastic updating of content going on. There are more and more movies and TV show episodes being added, and the frequency has resumed to once every two days at the least, after being stuck at weekly since about when 4.72 came out.

The Size:

The size has come down minutely by a handful of KBs, so that’s a bummer if you’ve been upset with the high size for a while. Amusingly, the mod from the developer of ShowBox Lite apk doesn’t trim down the size either, unlike with 4.72 which was literally halved in size in the mod.

The Logo:

The Logo, in my opinion, has taken a turn for the worse. It is plain, almost mechanical, and it makes the app look drab. It’s definitely better than the eye from days of yore, but I really liked the previous one because it looked sorted, classy and linearly symmetrical.

Are there other changes I have missed out? There are not many, I guess. But the introduction of the video settings menu definitely changes the game. It compacts the page, which is a welcome move since you don’t need to scroll to get to your movie playing quickly. Also, there seems to be a trend of introducing the download button for every movie. Let’s hope it is real.


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