Cartoon HD

The best among all the many video streaming and downloading apps is Cartoon HD. no other app caters as enthusiastically to the genre of animated movies and TV shows as prominently as Cartoon HD. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the app is only for animated movie fans and not for those looking for more classical cinema. You’re going to be blown away by the sheer variety of movies available. The numerous genres, with the many filters and everything else make for some really interesting entertainment.


Why are we so much in love? Cartoon HD’s features:

Cartoon HD is a big bucket of awesome! The many features will leave you spellbound. And we’re not saying that lightly. See for yourself:

  1. The app’s superior movie browsing helps you go through the app’s big collection easily.
  2. No need to scroll past irrelevant titles; the genres and many filters take care of your movie preferences.
  3. Like a movie but can’t watch it now? You can always save it for later! Use the Favorite button to make the app remember it for you. This means no more flitting through the collection trying to remember which movie you liked when you reopen the app. How convenient!
  4. Download, play or project the movie to a different screen. Cartoon HD lets you download your favorite movies and TV serials, plus it also lets you watch it directly on your screen or on another screen you can cast it on. Pretty fab, in my opinion.

There’s loads of other features to enjoy too. And when you couple it with the regular update of the collection and the ability to request movies, you can see why the app is in our good books.

Anyway, Cartoon HD’s features are probably too wonderful to resist. I’m sure you’re itching to lay your hands on the app. And we have you covered. Presenting, the easiest guide to how to get Cartoon HD for your device.

Cartoon HD for Android:

Cartoon HD is not available on the Play Store. As with most similar applications, there is not much official recognition of the app, despite the massive popularity the app has among users of all ages. You can get the app for yourself nevertheless.

The app is available on plenty of third party sites. Google “Cartoon HD for Android” and you shall receive links upon links to sites offering the app’s apk file free of cost. Download it. Enable “Unknown Sources” from “Security” in Settings menu. You can then run the downloaded apk file with abandon and your app will be installed in no time.

Cartoon HD for iOS:

Unfortunately for most iOS users, Cartoon HD comes built only for Android. There is no way to run it on iOS, since there are no emulators one can easily use to run Android on them. So looks like iPad and iPhone users won’t get to run this amazing app.

Cartoon HD for Windows and Mac:

Windows users can easily use an Android Emulator to run Cartoon HD. Download, installation and running the app shouldnt be an affair of over 20 minutes tops! Same for Mac users.

You can also use Google Chrome to run the app! Using ManyMo, an online android emulator, your apps can get a whole new dimension when they get to run on your PCs, enjoying faster speeds as well as streaming on a bigger screen.

Cartoon HD is so amazing, it’s addictive. The app is efficient, entertaining and with the regular updating of the collection, ensures you never get bored again. All you need is Cartoon HD on your device and an internet connection, and you’re immune to boredom!